Liberate Yourself.

Friends Only

YOUM is a generative AI communication platform for friends only. No followers. No likes. No fakes. YOUM is the antagonist to social media. With “you and me” at the centre of everything. In multi-mode, and multi-media.

Radically Private

Privacy is not an unavoidable casualty of the internet. YOUM is built on a new decentralised model for radical privacy. Processing and generative AI is kept on device wherever possible. Encryption is a given. So user data is not exposed to anyone, including YOUM.

Equal Reward

YOUM will serve an ad only with explicit user permission. And because ads monetise user data, YOUM sets a new paradigm by paying users 50% of value generated by every ad.

Ultimately owned by users

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, YOUM is committed to democratising the platform by transferring ownership from investors to users within five years in a single transaction. This is conditional to reaching at least 100 million Daily Active Users (DAU) and more than 2/3 of users participating in the offering.


YOUM uses embedded generative AI to reimagine how people communicate on a computing device. With a multimedia Feed to watch, listen, read and react for friends only. With radically private Threads. With Multi-modal Messaging powered by generative AI for image and audio capture. With Instant Translation. With Universal Search. And Moments to record and share your day with loved ones.


YOUM uses a real-time Video-to-video AI model to enable transformative forms of visual expression in photos and videos curated by leading artists.

Video Sharing and Audio Messaging use embedded Natural Language Processing (NLP) and open-source Large Language Models (LLM) to generate server-less live captions and instant translation.

YOUM utilises open-source LLMs to power Universal Search. Turning technology architecture on its head, every AI model except for Search is deployed serverless on-device to work both online and offline and radically protect privacy.


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